FACT: BizEnhancer will significantly reduce your costs and lessen your administrative and management headaches.

BizEnhancer.com is a business automation and management application for Real Estate Companies including real estate developers and agents. BizEnhancer application can be connected to your existing website without any complications or issues.

BizEnhancer tracks customer queries, manages queries handled by colleagues, keeps updated inventories of apartments and villas, manages accounting of payments and incentives. BizEnhancer” will assist in improving sales, managing staff and generating reports. This application is the solutions to the routine problems faced by Real Estate companies and helps to avoid duplicate efforts, incomplete information and dependency on staff.

BizEnhancer helps you to achieve greater efficiency and quicker response while ensuring confidentiality and making only required information available to each specific user (receptionist, investor, employee, client) on need-to-know basis.

BizEnhancer is developed by International Communication Services (ICS) a leading full service marketing communications company based in Dubai Media City. ICS has a team of 100+ highly qualified and experienced concept developers, visualizers, professional graphic designers and programming engineers.

BizEnhancer application comes with full support throughout the year, guaranteeing a no-headache running of your business operations.

BizEnhancer will be the catalyst to your real estate company's growth.